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Better together than we are alone.

We are a family of neighborhood churches around Denver.

Neighborhood churches around Denver for the sake of the city.

What's Up

We believe that life with Jesus changes everything.

Our vision is to become people who love God, are joined in community, and partner with God’s work in this world. Seeking to restore justice and uplift the poor, vulnerable, marginalized, and oppressed.

Want to come to church but it's been a while or maybe never?

We get it. Visiting a church can be scary and awkward, especially if faith or church haven’t been your thing. If coming on a Sunday seems like a big step we’d love to buy you a coffee or Zoom to meet, listen to your story, and answer questions about ours. Just email us & we’ll do the rest.

Growth happens as we take the next step.

We believe that healthy things grow. So we created a clear pathway to form us as we each grow in life with Jesus and each other. Grow starts with 5 big courses; Alpha, Rooted, Covenant Community, Discovering Leadership & Emotionally Focused. From there this continues through events and programs periodically offered that help to tap into each of these areas of discipleship.