Circle Leader Information

Living in community with other Jesus followers is at the core of living a transformed life. At MHV, we facilitate this type of living through our main community-building engine, Circles. And Life Circle leaders are the vital linchpins that help make our Circles a reality.

We have a few expectations and requirements for our Life Circle Leaders. They are to:

Attend MHV services regularly. Life Circle leaders attend services regularly so they can know about, participate in, and be a part of the larger work and life of MHV.

Know the DNA of the Mile High Vineyard by having completed Transformation Series Modules 101 and 201.

Complete MHV's leadership training by having completed Discovering Leadership Modules 1 (including all homework and mentoring assignments). This training focuses on character as well as practical leadership practices and is vital and beneficial for all who lead at MHV.

Donate/tithe regularly to the Mile High Vineyard. Life Circle leaders believe in the larger work and ministry of MVH by giving regularly.

Attend/participate regularly in an MHV Life Circle for at least one full season before leading their own Circle. This means they attended the Life Circle most weeks, and the leader knew them and verified that they attended their groups.

Shadow or co-lead an MHV Life Circle with a seasoned leader for at least one full season before leading their own Circle. This ensures that new leaders have the space for hands-on experience and application before carrying the full weight of a Circle on their own.

Complete and Submit a Life Circle Leader Application (Life Circles only).

If you are interested in becoming a Life Circle leader, please

If you are interested in becoming a Social Circle leader, please

  • Read our Social Circle Leader Info Sheet
  • Email your name, and group details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..