KidventureAt the Mile High Vineyard, we work hard to create a safe, welcoming environment where your kids can come as they are and explore the wonder, passion and discovery of Jesus Christ. You can relax knowing that while you're in the main service, your children are engaged in a rich spiritual setting filled with learning and fun. We strive to create an environment where kids can learn what it means to have a relationship with Jesus, and we equip them to build on that knowledge during each stage of childhood. Our goal is to see them carry those lessons through to their adult lives.


We want you and your kids to have a safe, seamless experience with us each week. In the Kids Area, go to the New Family Registration Kiosk to receive a unique nametag and number for each child so we can contact you during the service in the event your child needs you. You'll receive a matching claim ticket that you must present when you pick your child up.
We know it can feel strange to leave your children with others. For your peace of mind and for the safety of all the kids and volunteers, each of our volunteers submits to a thorough background check before joining our team. We also ensure the toys and games are safe, sanitized and age appropriate.
To help save time upon your arrival, please print and fill out the following form and bring it with you on Sunday (Insert form here).


At our Arvada Hub, we currently offer Children's Church for newborns through Sr. High. At our Denver Hub, we currently offer Children's Church for newborns through age 6 (with intentions to incorporate additional classes as family needs grow at our Denver Hub.)



We have some core truths that guide our approach to planning Children's Church. Our goal is to share truths about God's Kingdom at a level that's appropriate for each child's development. Preschoolers focus on the fact that God made all of us and loves everyone. They explore what it means for Jesus to be their "forever friend."Elementary-aged kids explore more advanced concepts, such as learning the importance of making the wise choice, discovering that they can trust God no matter what and understanding how important it is to treat others the way they would like to be treated.

Jr. and Senior High school kids focus on embracing the idea of being created to pursue an authentic relationship with God the Creator. They also study the idea that they belong to Jesus Christ and can define themselves by what He says, discovering that they exist to demonstrate God's love to a broken world.


We believe that parents are their kids' first teachers. It's our goal to 'start conversations' with your kids on Sundays that you can continue throughout the week. We want you to feel excited and equipped to be the primary influence in your child's spiritual development, and so we have a number of resources to help you do just that! We provide monthly and weekly take home resources that correlate with what your children are learning on Sundays for you to be able to carry on important conversations at home.
For more information about KidVenture, contact our Children's Church Director, Lyndsey Bell This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.