Facility and Resource Request

For room reservations, communications, and more.

Online Ministry and Event Resource Request Form

We've streamlined the process for ministry and event requests. Now you can fill out one form for your ministry or event needs. On the form, you will find the following resources:
  • Facility request
  • Equipment reservations
  • Communications planning (website, print, slides, announcement, social media, etc.)
  • Online registrations and payment options

       to complete the MHV Event Form

       to complete the Arvada Vineyard Facilty Request Form

After Submitting the Form

Once you've submitted the form, you will receive a reply as soon as possible to let you know if your request can be fulfilled. Scheduling and planning in advance is important, and at least a month notice is preferred. Completing the form does not guarantee your request will be fulfilled. View the Room and Resources Request Guidelines for more information about scheduling rooms and additional facility requirements.